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29 December 2010

Right Mortgage Sales hit 3 Billion!

36 months later, Right Mortgage(R) Sales Hit $3 Billion!
Mortgage Alliance Professionals have a lot to celebrate these days including the recent launch of their MortgageBOSS(TM) Offline Application, their National Brand campaign that has Canadians literally singing “Mortgage Alliance” and now a landmark achievement with their Right Mortgage(R) sales of approx. $3 Billion in mortgage origination.

Mortgage Alliance was the first “super broker” to launch their own mortgage product with a unique and proprietary consumer benefit. The Right Mortgage(R) has given Canadian mortgage consumers the freedom to choose their own terms, features and rate. And chosen they have!

“From the minute we launched the Right Mortgage(R) it seemed to resonate with consumers. The entire premise for the product was to “demystify the mortgage process” said Michael Beckette, President & CEO of Mortgage Alliance.

He went on to say “it’s been our network of mortgage professionals that has really helped to make this a success.” “We create new mortgage products by listening to consumers and our brokers and it was their early adoption and support (referring to MAC professionals) of the Right Mortgage(R) that’s created this remarkable industry achievement.”

Another key ingredient to the success of the Right Mortgage(R) is that it provides MAC professionals the choice of aggressive compensation models from “up-front”, “trailer” or a combination of both.

For more information about the Right Mortgage(R), please contact Tony Bartolomeo at or call Tony at 416-499-5454 ext#251.

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Mortgage brokers handling growing number of deals

Mortgage brokers handling growing number of deals

When Hamilton, Ont., residents and partners Kathy Funke and Grant Bivol wanted to purchase an investment residential property in 2000, they did what most Canadians do when it’s time to borrow. They headed to the bank branches in their area.

They shopped around a bit, made lots of phone calls, compared mortgage conditions and rates and then signed.

“That was our first experience. We didn’t really know where to start. And I didn’t know anything about mortgage brokers at that time. The bank seemed like the obvious place to start,” said Kathy Funke, 45.

But in retrospect, they found the whole experience exhausting.

“During our first experience we tried to shop around. The banks discouraged that. They gave us some story that because we had a mortgage being approved and when another bank does the same thing it shows that another mortgage is being approved,” said Ms. Funke.

Three years later when they were shopping for another house, they had a different strategy.

“We didn’t even go to the bank then…We were just so frustrated from the last experience that we didn’t want to run around to the banks. We figured we couldn’t do any worse so we just put ourselves in the broker’s hands and let her do the shopping around for us. We use insurance brokers for insurance, why wouldn’t we use a mortgage broker?” said Ms. Funke.

Grant and Kathy are part of a growing number of Canadians foregoing the traditional walk into the bank branch and instead sitting down with the local mortgage broker.

This growth is a core finding of Maritz Research Canada, which studied the broker industry on behalf of the Canadian Association of Accredited Mortgage Professionals (CAAMP)

“In the past, the first or only place a person would go when looking for a mortgage was to their local bank, however more and more Canadians are now seeking out the services of Mortgage Brokers to help them navigate the biggest purchase of their lives,” concludes study author Rob Daniel, managing director, Maritz Research Canada.

The Maritz Research concluded that the mortgage brokerage channel handled 23% of all mortgage activity in 2008. The broker channel is particularly strong in Western Canada (34% of all activity in Alberta, 27% in British Columbia). In addition, women are more likely than men to deal with mortgage brokers. (26% vs. 20%).

Young Canadians are much more likely to consult with and deal with brokers than their older counterparts; Brokers represent 28% of mortgage activity among 18-34 year olds, 24% among 35-54 year olds, and just 17% among those 55 and older.

A mortgage broker works as a conduit between the buyer and the lender. In many cases, the mortgage broker is informally representing lending institutions. The banks have used brokers to outsource the job of finding and qualifying borrowers.

Grant and Kathy felt they got a better interest rate than the banks offered and there were no brokerage fees. And they wanted a mortgage that offered an annual pay down of 20% with no penalty on the balance outstanding.

Maritz Research Canada concluded that the average Canadian who renewed or renegotiated through a broker saw their interest rate reduced by an average of 125 points, compared with 114 among those who dealt directly with a bank or credit union.

For Toronto resident Leanne Bernardo, the mortgage broker not only represented a one-stop shop, it provided a number of “add-ons.” These included a line of credit, a life insurance option, annual and monthly lump sum payment options without penalty and weekly interest rate alerts. The variable interest rate selected was comparable to what the banks offered.

“We just wanted to have a number of different options presented to us and we felt that going through a broker would give us an unbiased opinion of different options. Otherwise we would have gone to three or four different banks to get our options. It was great for us in terms of time efficiency,” says Ms. Bernardo.

According to one banking insider, the banks are chilly about mortgage brokers because they make it a more competitive market in which interest rate competition takes away the ability of the local branch to hold firm on posted rates.

As for Grant Bivol and Kathy Funke, they’re making it a habit. They currently have two rental properties and live in a third house. But it doesn’t look like they are going to stop there. They have another home purchase going through in April.

“We wouldn’t even consider not using a mortgage broker. If it isn’t broke you don’t fix it,” says Kathy Funke.

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8 December 2010

Housing Starts November CMHC

TORONTO, December 8, 2010 – Preliminary data released today by CMHC show that there
were 272 new home starts last month in the Hamilton Census Metropolitan Area (CMA). More starts
of single-detached homes, townhouses and apartments in Burlington boosted total starts and offset
the lower-than-average number of monthly starts in the City of Hamilton. There was an almost
equal split between starts in Burlington and the City of Hamilton and just nine starts in Grimsby.
Single-detached homes accounted for exactly half of all new home starts last month, and
apartments and townhouses made up the vast majority of the remaining starts. There were 65
apartments started during the month in Burlington, contributing to the total of 630 for the year so far.
The majority of the apartment starts this year have been condominium apartments, all of which
were in Burlington.
“There were more new home starts in Burlington than average for this year” said Sarah Fong,
CMHC’s Senior Market Analyst for Hamilton. “The starts in Burlington have primarily consisted of townhouses and apartments.” added Fong. …/2
As Canada’s national housing agency, CMHC draws on more than 60 years of experience to help
Canadians access a variety of quality, environmentally sustainable, and affordable homes ---homes that will continue to create vibrant and healthy communities and cities across the country.
- 30 -
Aussi disponible en fran├žais.
For additional information please contact/Pour obtenir de plus amples renseignements,
veuillez communiquer avec :
Hamilton CMA: Sarah Fong, (416) 250-3294 or
En fran├žais: David Lan, (519) 873-2426 ou
Ontario: Ted Tsiakopoulos, (416) 218-3407 or
Canada: Charles Sauriol, (613) 748-2799 or (613) 816-5978 or
Housing Starts November 2010

Note - Graphs not included in this post as they did not replicate properly.

7 December 2010

Bank of Canada holds overnight rate - Next scheduled date January 18th, 2011 - Merry Christmas Canada

7 December 2010 CONTACT: Jeremy Harrison
613 782-8782


Bank of Canada maintains overnight rate target at 1 per cent
OTTAWA – The Bank of Canada today announced that it is maintaining its target for the overnight rate at 1 per cent. The Bank Rate is correspondingly 1 1/4 per cent and the deposit rate is 3/4 per cent.

The global economic recovery is proceeding largely as expected, although risks have increased. As anticipated, private domestic demand in the United States is picking up slowly, while growth in emerging-market economies has begun to ease to a more sustainable, but still robust, pace. In Europe, recent data have been consistent with a modest recovery. At the same time, there is an increased risk that sovereign debt concerns in several countries could trigger renewed strains in global financial markets.

The recovery in Canada is proceeding at a moderate pace, although economic activity in the second half of 2010 appears slightly weaker than the Bank projected in its October Monetary Policy Report. In the third quarter, household spending was stronger than the Bank had anticipated and growth in business investment was robust. However, net exports were weaker than projected and continued to exert a significant drag on growth. This underlines a previously-identified risk that a combination of disappointing productivity performance and persistent strength in the Canadian dollar could dampen the expected recovery of net exports.

Inflation dynamics in Canada have been broadly in line with the Bank's expectations and the underlying pressures affecting prices remain largely unchanged.

Reflecting all of these factors, the Bank has decided to maintain the target for the overnight rate at 1 per cent. This leaves considerable monetary stimulus in place, consistent with achieving the 2 per cent inflation target in an environment of significant excess supply in Canada. Any further reduction in monetary policy stimulus would need to be carefully considered.

Information note:

The next scheduled date for announcing the overnight rate target is 18 January 2011. A full update of the Bank’s outlook for the economy and inflation, including risks to the projection, will be published in the Monetary Policy Report on 19 January 2011.

MortgageBOSS V2 - One entry technology - AMAZING TOOL

For immediate release - December 3rd
Mortgage Alliance/MPH launches the newest version of the
industry’s most comprehensive technology specifically for
mortgage broker originators.
MortgageBOSS™!! (Broker Origination Software Solution)
This week marks the launch of the most comprehensive proprietary broker software
system in the mortgage broker industry. MortgageBOSS was commissioned by
Mortgage Alliance three years ago and based on the experiences of hundreds of users,
months of development and feedback from the broker network MortgageBOSS™V2 has
launched today.
“As Canada’s most respected network of independent mortgage professionals, we’re
committed to providing our team with a quality brand, unique resources and technology
that helps them grow their business and their income”, said Michael Beckette, President
& C.E.O. of Mortgage Alliance.
“The challenge for us was integrating front middle and back. Whether it’s the personal
organizer that syncs with your PDA to the integrated email client in the front or the
Online and Offline Mortgage Application with Lender Logic conjoined with full CRM,
reporting, expense management and payroll we maintained the highest design
standards. We listened and built around the broker’s workflow and we employed
Mortgage Alliance Professionals from across the country who were directly involved in
the design and beta testing of the new MortgageBOSS V2 system”, he went on to say.
Today’s MortgageBOSS™ users only need to go to one place to find whatever they need,
whether that’s rates and lender information, applications, calculators, real time deal
statuses, documentation from past files of planning for future commissions it’s really the
one stop shop.
The company invested millions to develop the new system because we believe flexible
and scalable work flow technology for brokers like a recognized consumer brand will
support the continued development of the broker originator as a respected professional
For more information please contact Louie Bettio or by
phone at 416-499-5454.

Mortgage Alliance Oac Mortgages

As a registered franchise of the Mortgage Alliance Network, we have a number of mortgage professionals who can bring you the choice, convenience, and counsel you need to get the RightMortgage®. Working with over 40 lenders (some offered exclusively through brokers) we'll provide unbiased guidance in your mortgage decision.

We are legislated by the Ministry of Finance FSCO and our brokerage license is 10928.

We are dedicated to educating our clients about their mortgage! We want you to be well informed and comfortable with the mortgage you have and the options available to you. This blog is intended to offer information, updates, current mortgage products and current rates.

Please provide your feedback and let us know if there is anything else we can provide to help you in your mortgage process.